Jaye Nichols

Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Therapist, LCSW
Jaye Nichols, LCSW Searching for new strategies to deal with the demands of life's constantly changing challenges is the nature of therapy. Often, change is forced upon us by feelings of anxiety, depression, stress and the pressure from the roles we want to fulfill. Strategies help you to adjust what you can control. I work with people affected by anxiety, depression and trauma. It is important to me to listen and get to know you for your unique struggles and strengths so we can work collaboratively towards the changes you seek.
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I primarily use cognitive behavioral therapy. This means in essence that in order to feel differently you will need to do something differently. Often, we mistakenly believe that when we feel better, we will act differently. Sometimes people suffer a long time waiting for that feeling to change.
I may suggest giving you symptom check lists, which will show a starting point and will allow us to later track progress. It is important to work at your pace. I also have been trained in using EMDR. This technique can be useful with trauma, anxiety and depression.

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