Trauma Counseling / Therapy

Trauma Trauma is the result of experiencing excessive stress that overwhelms your ability to cope, and is an extremely subjective experience. What is traumatic for one person may not affect another. Physical trauma can be the cause of emotional trauma, however experiential situations can just as easily cause emotional trauma. The resulting psychological trauma, if unresolved, can last for many years, and possibly become even more devastating than the original traumatic event. There are emotional, cognitive, and physical responses as a result of a traumatic event, that should be dealt with to avoid long term repercussions.
Trauma can affect anyone at any age, and the effects can vary from mild to severe, creating extreme psychological issues. The symptoms associated with trauma are serious, but in some cases the effects of trauma can manifest months and even years after the event. Unfortunately, this means that it can be difficult to recognize the symptoms. Whether the events occurred in early childhood, five or ten years ago, or yesterday, the impact of these troubling situations is not something that is easy to resolve on our own.
Trauma Many times, we learn how to cope and manage the symptoms of a trauma. Sometimes this is done by consciously calming ourselves when we experience a panic attack caused by a reminder of an event. Others seek comfort in friends and family when experiencing depression or sadness over the effects of the trauma. While these are important and helpful methods to manage the symptoms, remember these are only managing the symptoms and not dealing with the root cause of the trauma. A trauma counselor focuses on resolution of the originating feelings and emotions and can supply the required coping skills that will lead to a healthier future.

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